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Staunch conservative

The 18th president of South Korea.

The first woman head of state in modern history of Northeast Asia.

Her big daddy was a cold-hearted military dictator who took the power by a military coup in 1961.

Many South Koreans who got superficial perceptions believe her daddy found a modern South Korean economy. (Actually he was supported financially and economically by US gov. because of his anti-communism belief. Ironically he led a communist cell and survived from a red crackdown by informing all of his colleagues to the military security officer.)

She politically takes advantage of her daddy’s image of a founder of the modern economy system of South Korea.

She likes to show off (wearing many different types of Korean traditional dress Han-bok, speaking English, Chinese and some French in diplomatically important events instead of using her mother tongue.)

Becomes mute when she faces a tough situation.

Her nickname is "Dark" (It means hen in Korean) since it sounds similar to her last name Park and many believe she is a total airhead.

She became president with helps of South Korean spy agency and denied the allegation which will lead to step down from the office in a year or two as U.S. President Nixon did.

Withdrew many public commitment after became president of South Korea. (Liar)

Likes to hire politically staunch conservative old men as her staff.
A : Man~, My ex girlfriend used to become a brick wall when I talk to her something important~!
B : You mean like Park Geun-hye?
A : Exactly
by edmond dantes October 30, 2013
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