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a place divided by the ghettos, preps, cheerleaders, smart kids, sluts, gothics/potheads, and jocks. the ghettos think they are ghetto by wearing oversized clothes they bought at the GSP, the preps think they are back in the 80's where "popped collars" were cool and tight jeans were in. the cheerleaders think they are hot but most of them are just plain ugly, the smart kids make everyone else look bad, the sluts just try to get every guy or girl (whatever they please), the goths which now makes up a good 20 percent of our school think they are so unique by wearing black and shirts that are printed in stores yet they cant really be unique if its a mass produced shirt now can they, and the jocks just think they are cool because they are all jacked n ripped yet our football team still cant seem to win
rich ghetto people, saved by the bell kids, girls in skirts, geniuses, girls who wear barely any clothing, kids in black, jerks
by anonymous because i said so April 05, 2005
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A fairly diverse institution, but mostly consists of Guidos, Gooks, and Spics. There is approximately 1 black person in Paramus High School and they are immediately ghetto because they are black. The wigger is common in Paramus High School, as are the ghetto Asian kids, who are not ghetto because they are rich.

Paramus High School is generally ran like an ordinary 21st century high school. The Jocks and Cheerleaders are upper class. The Ugly people, Poor people, and Asians are middle class, and the Spanish people, Black people, and Retarded kids are lower class. Kinda like modern day America.

Most Kids spend their time trying to be hard and most girls are sluts. They drive way too fast for their 160 horsepower cars that their daddy paid for.

Once relieved of Paramus High School, one may feel increased levels of happiness, openness, and energy.
Paramus High School, where money, dickhead-ness, and pretending get you to the top!
by Class of '02 October 03, 2004
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mostly rich annonying horny ass bunch of kids. filled with all usual groups. cheerleaders, jocks, gangsters, wigger, asian gangsters (funny how the "gangsters", "Wiggers", and the ghetto asians dont even sit near eachother), smart/nerdy ppl (who i get some respect), goth/punk/metal heads, poser (usually girls who really want to be goth/punk.. odd), asians (prob one of the biggest groups... THEY R TAKING OVER PARAMUS), brown kids(south asian/some middle east: indians, some arabs.. but some r spread w/ the ghetto ppl) the retards (no really theres some autistic kids), losers (not even as kool as the smart nerdy..), other once dorks (they became seniors.. and have befriended all), freshmen(who still r unsure of they're place.. i think that covers all. oh and theres a shit load of smokers/pot heads in all categories
Hey! People from Paramus High School, wanna go to the Garden state plaza?? OMFG YES.. only if mary jane is coming!
by harley quinn January 12, 2005
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