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Paragliding is the use of a paraglider; that is, the activity of using the three-part gliding kite (wing, lines, resistive assembly). Paragliding may be done with unmanned or manned resistive assembly. Scale modelers and special mission paragliding may use tiny paragliders without man or woman aboard. Industrial paragliding may use smart remote-controlled or programmed robots to control the paraglider; such paragliding fulfills missions like photography, goods delivery, personnel placement, etc. The wing may fit purpose and mission and be fully limp or fully solid or semi-solid with as much rigid structure as needed for success of mission. Sport paragliding may define private classes of wing types, but that does not rule what is possible with machine paraglider. A solid and fully rigid wing may supply paraglider for specialized paragliding.
Scale modelers do scale-modelling paragliding with small paragliders; this is done in several variations. One variation is a toss and slope soar model with radio-control of devices on the paraglider, perhaps the resistive subassembly has aerodynamic surfaces; or a control unit works the lengths of the kite lines in the free-flight.

Large-scale industrial paragliding includes the use of large paragliders that feature resistive subassemblies holding fuel or goods.
by parakites November 02, 2011
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