Someone that's about their money. Someone thats trying to get paid by all means neccesary no matter what it is. Whether its a regular 9-5 job or being a drug dealer or a prostitute. Someone who will never stop trying to get paid.
1st example:"That broad is a golddigger"
"Nah dude she a straight paper chaser"

2nd example:"That dude is making big moves around the way!that nigga is a straight paper chaser the kid is about his bread"
by Winter Milan February 24, 2008
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A person who is attracted to money and will do anything to attain the dough.
Do you see that paper chaser? He was trying to catch that rich fucker down the street.
by DaBigDough February 27, 2006
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A Hustler; A guy/girl who wants money, And/or gets someone toget money from someone.
Yo homie I ain't playing with you man, no paper chaser is gonna hustle me man.

Put him in set-up, 5pm we do some paper chasing.
by J Hoodz R Gotta Come Hard January 08, 2006
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A synonym for calling someone a Big Fucking Slut.Used when your maybe around grown ups or cant swear in the setting your in, so you call them a paper chaser.
Taken from "Live Your Life" by T.I and Rihanna, where it sounds like Rihanna says big fucking slut, but she actually says paper chaser.

"Cause I'm a paper chaser
Just livin' my life (AYY) my life (OHH)"
Person 1:"Who is that"
Person 2:"Idk but she's hu with half the boys here"
Person 1:"That slut!"
Person 2:"Ikr what a paper chaser"
by niftycluster11 June 20, 2018
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It's written as one word because it is an actual money "gang" (outfit; crew) in N.Y.C., tattoos and hustle styles for decades. It's from Manhattan, Washington Heights, a.k.a., cocaine capital of the Northeast, and has spread across the world in work ethic, as go-getters and "anything sells, nothing won't" attitude. An original Paperchaser will no longer be able to speak upon the actions of the past money making moves since everything is done in silence and for the sole means of STACKING MONEY UP.
May the Paperchasers be remembered as the real logistical hustlers of Washington Heights, N.Y.C., U.S.A..

"Remember, if money ain't the subject then why are you talking?" 2018
The old school Paperchaser crew was around the 160s in Manhattan, during 2005, and have spread to the entire world.
via giphy
by Sonia.is.a.diamond July 12, 2018
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