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Is a pre-baby party for men. The party doesn't involve any of the pomp and circumstance of a traditional baby shower, but should be considered more of a secondary bachelor party for a soon to be new dad. The only requirements are friends, alcohol and willingness to have a good time. The exact origins are unknown, but most believe it is taken from strong traditions of both the Mexican and Sri Lankan cultures.
We haven't decided on where Shawn's Papachango is going to be but we are considering Cancun, Jamaica or Vegas.
by Charithf October 31, 2013
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Some would say the best unsigned groove band In LA. Hot guitars and awesome bassist. Jerry would have just smiled, smiled, smiled.
Hey , let's check out that band 'Papachango', I'm in need of a mind expanding night.
by The Virtual Labb May 20, 2004
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