the vaginal sludge that accumulates in a girl's underwear (especially if she works on a road crew all day)
You should wash your panty pudding out before it gets crusty and sticks together, babe.
by Skankbone November 26, 2013
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A slang term for vaginal discharge. As a girl goes through her monthly cycle, the amount, consistency and type of vaginal discharge changes from thin and water, through to an egg white consistency (most fertile part of the month) and sometimes, a thick heavy white discharge. As long as there’s no offensive smell, it’s all good!
My boyfriend turned me on so much last night, I had serious panty pudding by the time I got home.”
by FlIfhtcrew February 19, 2018
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The paste-like substance found in women's panties consisting of sweat, vaginal discharge and cum.
"There's nothing like panty pudding drying to a nice, crusty finish after sitting in your laundry basket for a week."
by Gary Dicksniffer January 2, 2004
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The result of the panty crotch absorbing the moisture of the pussy juice.A thick paste with a mild sweaty smell.It's to die for.
Let your lady spend four or five hours in a mall.Scrap the crotch of her panties with your nail and sniff.
by Jayrod May 24, 2003
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the secretions from a woman's vagina, especially after seeing a hot guy like wally wally
That bitch had major panty pudding after I pulled out my dong at the dinner table
by weasel February 12, 2003
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Pantie Pudding: Another word for "sharting".

Jenifer: PBLT.(farting noise)

Jim: Ah that has got to be some serious pantie pudding!
by squiggles02 February 24, 2009
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Also refered to as "pudding of the panties", "oatmeal","cottage cheese" or "sour milk". Describes off colored chunks of vaginal secretions.
After a long hard night of spanking it, yanking it and twirkin it, my boyfriend asked what he felt in my pants, and i replied, "its nothing- just some panty pudding".
by romeo November 23, 2003
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