A band formed in Las Vegas in 2004-2005. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy signed them to Fueled By Ramen/DanceDecay Records. The band consists of Brendon Urie on vocals, piano, and guitar, Ryan Ross on back-vocals, piano and guitar, and Spencer Smith on Drums. Brent Wilson was kicked out in May/June of 2006, though he formally played bass. Jon Walker stepped in as replacement for their first headlining tour.
Panic! at the disco is an underrated band, who get judged to much on how fast they rose to success.
by Kayleigh A June 25, 2006
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a once really good band and still is but is being deprived by young little trendy girls who shop at hollister as being really cool. Only to say that if you asked one of these girls what the lyrics meant, they wouldn't have a clue. they would probably also say that "I write sins not tragedies" is their best song.
trendy chick: OMG I love panic! at the disco!!!

cool chick: yeah they're cool i saw them in concert with blocparty.

trendy chick: huh what's blocparty?

cool chick: *thinking on a way to leave*

*radio turns on playing i write sins not tragedies*

trendy chick: OMG my favorite song everrrr.

cool chick: You have ruined this band for me.
by modpod September 18, 2006
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A really unique band style and lyric wise. Very catchy and fun. Their lyrics are very artsy, smart, and..I don't know the word for it, but just really amazing. They're very classy with their style too. They're different and really good.

Also, I don't get why everyone cares that Panic! at the Disco blew up like this. Just because they're played on MTV and the radio doesn't mean they suck balls now. So when you heard them on purevolume and myspace, they were good, but now that you hear the same exact songs on the radio, they suck and you hate them? Please. Get lives; there are bigger things to worry about then your favorite band blowing up so big.
Stupid Arrogant Fan: Ugh, Panic! at the Disco sucks now that they're getting a little bit more deserved recognition. All their fans are now poseurs. Now, Im going to search purevolume and myspace for hours just to find another band and support them just so I can hate them once they blow up. Sounds like fun!

Normal, has common sense person: Get a Life. Honestly.
by You.Get.The.Picture June 24, 2006
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An amazing band from Las Veags who dabble in jazz and techno fused with their own brand of rock. Formed in 2004.
After Panic! At The Disco get on MTV, every teenie will want to have Ryan Ross' babies.
by See you! At the disco January 01, 2006
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An amazing band. The Beatles of the 21st century. A band most people recognize by "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" and "Nine in the Afternoon". Most of their publicity comes from those two songs, and people who only like those songs consider themselves fans, though they aren't real fans like those of us who know the names of ALL the other songs and like those too. Not only do we know the songs, we know the band. Brendon Boyd Urie, George Ryan Ross III, Jon Jacob Walker, and Spencer James Smith V are the four musically gifted members of this band, rapidly gaining popularity from their lates album.

REAL fans like A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, the band's first album, for such songs as, But It's Better if You Do, Lying is the Most Fun a Girl can have Without Taking her Clothes Off, Build God Then We'll Talk, and Camisado. These songs helped make up a great album.

The second album released by the band is Pretty. Odd. This is when the band changed their name from Panic! At the Disco, to Panic at the Disco, because they said they did not want to over-load their public with punctuation. This album is characterized by such songs as, Nine in the Afternoon, That Green Gentleman, Pas De Cheval, and I have Friends in Holy Spaces. This album is the latest one, though the real fans wait on bated breath for the next one.
Kid 1: Hey! Who is that AMAZINGLY AMAZING band playing?

Kid 2: What have you been living under a rock man!?!?!? It's the best band ever, Panic at the Disco!
by BBU and GRR lover July 27, 2008
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the best band in the- oh god no. no no no this can't be happening. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WH-WHY DID THE-THE-THEY HAVE TO B-BREAK UUUUUP!?!
by ~sniffles July 08, 2009
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