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A really unique band style and lyric wise. Very catchy and fun. Their lyrics are very artsy, smart, and..I don't know the word for it, but just really amazing. They're very classy with their style too. They're different and really good.

Also, I don't get why everyone cares that Panic! at the Disco blew up like this. Just because they're played on MTV and the radio doesn't mean they suck balls now. So when you heard them on purevolume and myspace, they were good, but now that you hear the same exact songs on the radio, they suck and you hate them? Please. Get lives; there are bigger things to worry about then your favorite band blowing up so big.
Stupid Arrogant Fan: Ugh, Panic! at the Disco sucks now that they're getting a little bit more deserved recognition. All their fans are now poseurs. Now, Im going to search purevolume and myspace for hours just to find another band and support them just so I can hate them once they blow up. Sounds like fun!

Normal, has common sense person: Get a Life. Honestly.
by You.Get.The.Picture June 24, 2006
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