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Panda Tuesday is a celebration of the one and only Portsmouth Panda - A lovable, warm creature that frequents that area. This celebration occurs every Tuesday, usually around 8 AM. A celebratory email is written which includes a picture of a Panda, often in a cute or funny situation.

Alt. meaning 1. A coworker who resembles a Panda who is celebrated once a week.

Alt. meaning 2 - (aka - Dirty Panda). While hooking up with a very hairy woman, shave a part of her body, then put shaving foam on your face and return to motorboat shaved area, thus revealing the Dirty Panda.
"Hey guys, its time to celebrate Panda Tuesday!". It was quickly decided to take place every Tuesday.

"I should really shower after that Dirty Panda!"
by Panda Tuesday February 28, 2014
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