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The act of having multiple pancakes applied in and around the mouth. An over indulgence in batter. Frequently encountered at breakfasts and especially during the British holy festival of Pancake day
I heard Aaron and the boys rustled up a huge load of batter and Zoe ended up getting pancakked
by alexp_86 February 15, 2018
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Like a bukkake, but with maple syrup instead of semen
Yo, my friend from Maine said his fraternity once gave this girl a nasty pancakke!
by Jedi1550 July 15, 2016
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A pancakke is when copious amounts of male ejaculant and pancake batter is mixed inside the anus of a female receiver and then poured out onto a griddle to be cooked to perfection.
Wow, these are some good pancakkes
by Fuckyman June 20, 2016
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