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A school where white kids driving Beamers, Jeeps, Audis, Porsches, and Mercedes cars blast rap music while freely screaming "N***a" through the streets. Palos Verdes kids love snorting coke in the bathrooms before going to class, getting drunk at school, or getting barred out before lunch. Every girl/boy is a straight skank. They throw parties every weekend that get shut down in 30 minutes by the Palos Verdes Police. They will say things like, "My father will sue you.", or ," My car is worth more than your house faggot!" Do not fuck around with Frat boy pv kids, because they will probably roofy you at Prom!
Guy 1: I did a SHIT ton of coke in high school
Guy 2: OH, did you go to Palos Verdes High School?
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by Everyoneishigh June 13, 2018
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