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pal•op (păl-ŏp)
1. Pretending to have knowledge; generally in an attempt to impress.
2. Haughty (scornfully and condescendingly proud); Snobbish, about knowing something before someone else.
"Acting palop isn’t going to help him.”

“Does he not see the irony in being palop in every sense of the word?”

{Person A (setting): “You seriously didn’t know that?! WOW.” Person B (example): “Don’t be palop”}

“Why is she always palop when I don’t know something?”

"The man down the road is poor at socializing. He is always being palop. He wishes he was a know it all, so he pretends to be one. He acts like a reassured authority whenever possible; even at the expense of being fairly uncertain, completely guessing, and often wrong. He might happily interrupt someone to correct them on an established fact, so he can substitute in something he's entirely made up."

{Person A (setting): “Resting Jack Rabbits have a heart rate 4 times faster than resting humans.” Person B (example): “Are you being palop?”}

Synonyms: cavalier, arrogant, poser, snobbish, obtuse
Antonyms: considerate, honest, humble, tactful, polite

Palopper noun
“That man is the biggest palopper I know”
Palopping verb
“She was palopping the whole night”
Palopperness noun
“look at that palopperness”
Paloply adverb
“See them paloply carrying about”

Mnemonic Acronym
Presumptuous, Arrogant, Lying, Obtuse, Person.
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by Grey Pawn June 15, 2017
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