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A refreshing, low-calorie, lemon-infused lager inspired by Spain for when you want a little culture but you’re low on cash. Commonly referred to as “Summer in a Can”.

Palmia is most commonly consumed by surfer bros and sun-burnt hos. Good for packing into your cooler on a hot day to help make ugly people hot and boring people fun. Low-calories so it’s a great-get-fucked-up-during-your-workout drink.
Britney: “Omg Becky…Palmia is SO good!”
Becky: “I know, right? It’s like a vacation in a bottle…I swear, if you put it up to your ear you can hear the ocean.”

Chad: “Toss me a claw...”
Steve: “Bruh, Claws down, Palms up. It’s all about the Palmia.”
by thatbeerchick June 1, 2020
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Super nice and friendly and looks so innocent but I think she kills ducks for fun, Palmia is as cool as a cucumber and is absolutely cragled at Valorant
Gab:wow Palmia that 6k was awesome sauce, but that whiff.. um
by ZenPotato April 26, 2021
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