A city located in Australia, Northern Territory, just outside of Darwin. While many people are forced to live in Palmerston due to sky rocketing housing prices in Darwin, Palmerston in it's own right is a breeding ground for white trash and has become known as the ghetto of the Northern Territory. In Palmerston it is advised that you take some form of armament to defend your self from drunken Itinerants and car jackings as Palmerston has the highest rate of crime in all of Australia combined. Also home to many rev heads and V8 bogans.
"Before going to Palmerston I had to get the keys to my gun safe and put on a bullet proof vest, while my brother was calling 1800-RENT-A-TANK just to be safe and incase we needed backup"

"Hey did you see all those pregnant fourteen year olds at the Palmerston Bus Depot. They had like forty five year old husbands and their daughter(s) was also fertilized by the same farther. The daughter was also pregnant expecting a miscarriage that day after being hit by the farther"
by Chilz0r August 1, 2005
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A small swamp located on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand.
Home of great music.Not much else but swamp.
Where are we?
Palmerston North!
by Thrushbeard March 9, 2005
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A small village that thinks of itself as a city, whilst full of people who are back-wards thinking farmers that are totally up themselves.
Palmerston North kid: The new shopping centre is fucking awesome!

Auckland kid: lmfao
by hi im me January 28, 2011
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Palmerston Moving is a moving company with white gloves service. Located in Canada, it mainly serves Toronto and GTA
I hired Palmerston Moving to make my move
by Dromedalio October 21, 2020
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