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A movie/television/book/gossip website whose tag-line is "Scathing Reviews. Bitchy People."

Generally left-leaning politically, somewhat snobby, sometimes amusing, Pajiba caters to a specific group of people who are extremely critical of the entertainment they consume.

The contributors and commentators on the site have an insatiable disdain for Kathering Heigl (as a person) and Tyler Perry (as a filmmaker).

Links to a handful of gossip websites, and hosts "comment diversions," where visitors to the site may post their views and comments on the given topic.
"In every single interview I’ve seen of her, Heigl does nothing but display a narcissistic egotism characterized by passive-aggressive pettiness." (Pajiba on Katherine Heigl)
by VinceNoir83 November 26, 2009
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A pretentious movie site that looks down upon places like Ain't It Cool even as they steal news from them. Reeks desperately of writers wishing they had the talent and/or the determination to write movies themselves, alternating with lazy douches content to make snarky, obvious jokes in the hopes of eventually getting paid by Gawker, the Onion AV Club, or Entertainment Weekly. Visitors consist primarily of liberal, Obama-loving, Weezer-glasses (or Lisa Loeb) using, sweater wearing, office dwelling, coffee drinking, iPod listening, twee expression using hipsters that are the downfall of society. You know, the type of people who type thing like "I heart Jim from the Office", "Christian Bale is teh sexy" and *reads about new Judd Apatow/Joss Whedon/Wes Anderson project* *squees* *hides in office giggling*.

Those people.
Person 1: "So, what movie site do you go to?"

Person 2: "Pajiba!"

Person 1: "Cool! You're an asshole, too!"
by Bobby McShankleby June 12, 2008
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Pronounced "puh-JIBE-uh."

1.Variation of vagina (as one with a stuffy nose might say it).
2. Penis/vagina/balls combination.
1. My cold is so bad even my pajiba is sore
2. A tranny could make a lot of money with that pajiba
by HarryBajina May 27, 2007
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