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"Passive Aggressive" - verb

Aggy = Aggressive
P-Aggy = Passive Aggressive

Act of being indirectly aggressive
Example 1

Person 1: *Moaning*/Upset

Person 2: "Stop being so sensitive"

(True meaning - I'm entitled to say whatever I please, even if it does upset you. If you do protest we will quell your response by calmly suggesting that you should stop being so sensitive.

Example 2

Person 1 *Moaning*/Upset

Person 2: "What have I done now?"

(True meaning - I have appeared to have upset you and I don't understand why. This has annoyed me so rather than calmly asking if I have upset you, I am going to respond with a Paggy comment instead)!
by PaggyAggy January 23, 2017
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When a baby's diaper is literally so full, if it makes one swift movement a fecal catastrophe may ensue.
So(ggy) (P)oo N(a)ppy = Paggy
1. "Maaaaan you need to change your babies diaper check out the paggy he's carrying, looks like it's gonna burst any minute now."

2. "Ya paggy stank"
by Palinkaz April 18, 2015
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