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Loacteed in Greensboro, NC.

The worst school anybody can think of.

Home to fake gangsters that claim to be a crip or a blood by wearing their colors and holding up fake gang signs. They vandelize the school by leaving their graffti in the bathrooms. White people act like whiggers most of the time and will get their asses kicked for it.

Full of ignorant racists. Every black student hates each other and it is ok for them to call white students racial slurs. If you run into them or bump them by accident (no matter what race you are), they will get on by shouting out wannabe rap lyrics.

The white students secretly hate all the black students and other white students who are not like them. They are the typical douche bag types that wear preepy cloths and act like complete jackass at friday night football games.

Most studnets show up to school in the morninig and have the ignorance to skip class. If you idiots showed up in the first place, then go to class or do not come to school to begin with.

If you are not a good old southern redneck or dirty south asshole, then you may want to think about transferring to another school.

No one has the balls to clean the school from this scum and for all we know, the school is going straight into the shit.
I went to this Page high School for four years. The hall ways are filled with fat stupid ass mother fuckers who don't ever go to class. The athletic team are shit, test scores are low, and the faculty oes nothing but watch what goes on.

If I had a choice. I would not haave ever gone to this school and would rather get fucked in the ass for four years.

Page High forever more. It can kiss my hairy ass.
by on say September 21, 2007
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