Character from Monkey Dust responsible for persecuting anyone who's has ever seen, heard, met or imagined children.
"I am the Paedofinder General, your house shall be torched in flames for you being a paedophile"
by Carnophage December 16, 2004
A character from BBC Three's Monkey Dust, an animated series of much dark ad twisted amusement.
I am the Peadofinder General and by the powers invested in me by a phone poll in the News Of The World, I declare you guilty of being a Peadofile and sentence you to death.
by Meat Safe Murderer February 7, 2005
A character from the BBC show 'Monkey Dust' representative of the burgeoning witch-hunt mentality against alleged paedophiles in the UK.
"By the power vested in my by that bloke I met in the pub - who is *sure* - I now pronounce you...a paedophile
by Dan February 2, 2005