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Swedish slang for iPad.
Typically used by people who think they are better than everyone else
"Give me the paddish"
"You mean iPad?"
"Uhm, of course"
by xX_GHOSTW0LF_Xx October 18, 2016
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A word that is an adjective, verb, and noun.

Can define someone or something that is cute or cool etc.

A word to use when something in life is overwhelmingly joyous or adorable, when you can't think of another word.

To be/act adorable, overly cool, funny, or in other words a "cool cat"... A compliment in any way,shape, or form. Never an insult.
"this dog is soooo paddish!"

"You can pull it off, your paddish enough"

"Thats so Paddish of you"
by PaddishT February 12, 2010
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