(verb)a euphemism for performing the act of anal sex, usually between two men
(Packing peanuts)

Hey Todd! Why weren't you at my bar mitzvah yesterday?

Sorry Chad. I was with Tyler. He really packed my peanuts last night ;)
by PEANUT GOD August 26, 2019
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Hey ziomek have any packing peanuts?
by Hoodrat12 May 5, 2016
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This is when ones house or room or apartment is filled entirely with Packing Peanuts. Very Good for Hibernation in Cold Countries like Canada. This message is approved by Shaqib Khan
It's really cold out. Lets make a Packing Peanut House
by Sqb1990 November 11, 2019
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The act of pulling out ones' balls without anyone noticing to surprise friends or guests.
Mike got drunk and started peanut packing the dinner table. His balls were hairy and it was not well recieved
by Clarkson Sloots November 16, 2018
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When you get a box in the mail you open it up and there is packing peanuts inside it is another way to keep your purchase from breaking during shipping like bubble wrap or foam they look good to eat it’s tempting… they look like marshmallows and usually come in colors such as pink white or blue….I’m hungry
Hey look she just got a package in the mail!…what is she doing with the packing peanuts? OMG THOSE ARE TOXIC SOMEONE CALL 911!
by KlttyMeowMeow August 29, 2021
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