A gameplay mechanic in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. It allows you to upgrade your weapon. Usually costs 5000 credits. To purchase upgraded ammo costs 4500 credits, or you could wait to get a max ammo. Upgrading weapons is costly but worth it. Upgrades damage by at least 125% and gives a new camo to the weapon and a random attachment.
I put my M1911 in the Pack a Punch machine, and I got Mustang and Sally, the semi-auto, akimbo grenade launcher pistols
by MW2 Freak January 7, 2011
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Sticking your dick into a woman's vagina soft, and then pulling it out when it's erect.
Yo, I Pack-a-Punched this girl Las night, she squirted as soon as I pulled out.
by ThatOneAni October 12, 2021
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packing pipe to the brim with the random pot your friends have.

syn. pack a bowl
Tom: Hey man, lets smoke a bowl I got some Michael Phelps.

Dick: No doubt I got some of that O.G. kush left, lets pack a punch

_ _ _ _

Harry (to friend): FUCK dude! I got fucking a mid term in poli sci tomorrow I am so stressed, lets pack a punch.
by no money mo problems September 30, 2011
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A sophisticated sexual maneuver performed at the top of a staircase which involves taking a ripe cucumber from your vegetable drawer in the fridge. Then, clubbing your sanctified other over the back of their head (while in coitus) causing the phallic pre-pickle to snap into two pieces.

Once broken, stuff the first half into the baby maker and the second half into the poop shooter.

Now both parts should be sealed deep within the cavities. At this time you execute a double foot drop kick to abdomen of the receiver causing them to plunge backwards into the stairwell.
My ex actually requested that I half packed pickle punch her at my stabbin cabin in Muskoka.
by Doggy Style Dennis the Menace December 24, 2018
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