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A gameplay mechanic in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. It allows you to upgrade your weapon. Usually costs 5000 credits. To purchase upgraded ammo costs 4500 credits, or you could wait to get a max ammo. Upgrading weapons is costly but worth it. Upgrades damage by at least 125% and gives a new camo to the weapon and a random attachment.
I put my M1911 in the Pack a Punch machine, and I got Mustang and Sally, the semi-auto, akimbo grenade launcher pistols
by MW2 Freak January 06, 2011
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packing pipe to the brim with the random pot your friends have.

syn. pack a bowl
Tom: Hey man, lets smoke a bowl I got some Michael Phelps.

Dick: No doubt I got some of that O.G. kush left, lets pack a punch

_ _ _ _

Harry (to friend): FUCK dude! I got fucking a mid term in poli sci tomorrow I am so stressed, lets pack a punch.
by no money mo problems September 29, 2011
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Basically, you’re just packing a pipe or a bowl to smoke, it’s used however, to describe the intensity of the weed
Pat: Man I wanna get high today, got anything
Mat: Yeah, I’m gonna pack-a-punch later. So no worries
by MegaDilemma October 24, 2017
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