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Pace High School is the definition of slut show, the cheerleaders wear less and less each year and the dance team can't go a second without twerking. Literally every "dance move" The dance team does, involves them shaking their ass what makes it bad is 9/10 don't even have an ass. I dont even get why the dance team tries to twerk, when they try they look like a dying worm squirming around. The football team sucks ass and only plays because they like being attention whores. The team can't win to save their lives even if they tried, the only reason why people come to the football games is to either try to convince their boyfriend/girlfriend to fuck them, or they listen to the band. And don't get me started on the band, the band basically humps the air 24/7. The band is ok but there are those few people that you can pick out that everyone just hates the living fuck out of. Everytime you need to go to the bathroom you have to worry about walking in on people having sex.
Pace High School has so many sluts in it that you can't even walk a single step without seeing one.
by Yeahitskait May 08, 2018
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A 4-year, Christian affiliated, "public" high school located in Pace, Florida. Perhaps most notable for the lack of high quality education and the numerous (99% of the student body) Christian/Conservative extremists. Apparentley 2+2 = football, and that is about the extent of the math program. Most of the Pace community apparentley wants to make PHS a private Christian school so they can talk to their imaginary friends in peace.
Student 1: "So I hear you go to Pace High School."

(Christian) Student 2: "Yep."

Student 1: "I bet you watch Glenn Beck."

(Christian) Student 2: "That's my favorite show ever!!"

Student 1: "Are you a Christian?"

(Christian) Student 2: "Duh."

Student 1: "Why do you try to shove your beliefs done my throat? I mean this is (supposed to be) a secular school after all."

(Christian) Student 2: "STOP HARASSING ME!!!!!!!"
by Don_Escapade0014 February 03, 2010
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