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Where all the Miami thots go out to play and where all the football niggas go out to run trains on innocent freshmen. Never in your life visit pace or you’ll be scammed and will find yourself attending it the following year. You might think it’s a nice Catholic school for your Latino son Pablo or Juan to attend to, but nope. The only thing praised there is the football team, cheerleaders, and all the lightskin wets. Pablo is not going to fit in because there’s a lot of hood rat bitches who eat hot fries everyday in lunch and there’s a lot of fake thug ass niggas who walk down the hallways singing the same NBA Youngboy song. The teachers aren’t that bad, but they don’t really give a fuck about the school in general. The classes are always cold and the food is always cold. And don’t ever walk into a pace bathroom after 4 PM, you’ll either see two niggas fucking each other or freshmen fighting and screaming worldstar. The freshmen are the worst thing too, most of them are ugly, wets, or actually kind of cool. They all smell like roach spray though. So basically, don’t go to Pace.
“Hey Pablo, want to go to Pace High School” - Mom
“Si, mama, I would like to see all my border crossing friends from my middle school in Hialeah” - Pablo
“Okay Pablo, have fun” - Mom

*Pablo gets ran through by the football team twice, fails all his classes, sits next to a black girl who only eats takis in every class, and fell off the bleachers”

“Despacito” - Pablo
by Mr.Ben Dover Jr January 17, 2019
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Pace High School is the definition of slut show, the cheerleaders wear less and less each year and the dance team can't go a second without twerking. Literally every "dance move" The dance team does, involves them shaking their ass what makes it bad is 9/10 don't even have an ass. I dont even get why the dance team tries to twerk, when they try they look like a dying worm squirming around. The football team sucks ass and only plays because they like being attention whores. The team can't win to save their lives even if they tried, the only reason why people come to the football games is to either try to convince their boyfriend/girlfriend to fuck them, or they listen to the band. And don't get me started on the band, the band basically humps the air 24/7. The band is ok but there are those few people that you can pick out that everyone just hates the living fuck out of. Everytime you need to go to the bathroom you have to worry about walking in on people having sex.
Pace High School has so many sluts in it that you can't even walk a single step without seeing one.
by Yeahitskait May 08, 2018
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A 4-year, Christian affiliated, "public" high school located in Pace, Florida. Perhaps most notable for the lack of high quality education and the numerous (99% of the student body) Christian/Conservative extremists. Apparentley 2+2 = football, and that is about the extent of the math program. Most of the Pace community apparentley wants to make PHS a private Christian school so they can talk to their imaginary friends in peace.
Student 1: "So I hear you go to Pace High School."

(Christian) Student 2: "Yep."

Student 1: "I bet you watch Glenn Beck."

(Christian) Student 2: "That's my favorite show ever!!"

Student 1: "Are you a Christian?"

(Christian) Student 2: "Duh."

Student 1: "Why do you try to shove your beliefs done my throat? I mean this is (supposed to be) a secular school after all."

(Christian) Student 2: "STOP HARASSING ME!!!!!!!"
by Don_Escapade0014 February 03, 2010
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Since we out here ranting about pace, let me rant a little bit. Pace is literally an example of a fake show, you can’t even walk pass a person in pace that would literally talk shit behind your back especially them Cuban white girls that think they’re the shit when they not but, talk shit about how they can’t get a senior guy attention or dick. We also have the worst freshmen’s and all of them are damn ugly and smell like the damn boys bathroom and roach spray some of them even built like fat Albert and the cospys kids. Yeah sure some are pretty chill and nice but you can’t tell me them fat Albert bitches be talking mad smack when damn well they be looking likebowser. Also, the deans are mad racist and sexist and don’t do shit especially some teachers that I ain’t going to shoutout. So if you come to pace you be blinded seeing the dance team twerking -99 of no ass and the football team getting a concussion by losing from other schools football team. People only come to suck off their bf dick anyways.
Pace high school “Come and join pace and be a proud spartan
pace is the way!
by Peelingcarrot January 24, 2019
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