Acronym for "privileged white girl". Girl who has had everything handed to her in life and lives the dream. Always has the trendiest outfits and never has to worry about money. Most commonly blonde.
That girl is such a PWG. Her dad still pays for everything.
by HeadPWG September 4, 2012
(Plain White Guy/Girl): Someone who is really plain and maybe even boring and has no ethnic flavor, otherwise known as plain vanilla
Wow, I'm surprised that Meli has been into all those PWGs. I thought she would be more into the ethnic guys from Latin America who don't speak English!!
by Cortz November 26, 2009
Acronym for: Potential for Weight Gain.

An estimate of a girls future size and/or weight. Dead give-aways are big ankles, calfs, legs, butt, eating habbits, and most impotantly what her mother looks like.
She looks good now, but her PWG is off the chart.

You ought to marry that girl, her PWG is low.
by Mark54 March 21, 2007
Stands for Pasty White Guy/Guys. Usually English, Irish or German descent. Physically have very pale skin, light colored eyes and white hair or bald. Occasionally they may have a mutant gene that gives them darker features or the mailman was involved in conception. They eat lots of mashed Potatoes and put mayonnaise on everything. Wear dockers and boat shoes to weddings, sometimes they have Whales on their belts or pants.
Golf is their favorite sport.
Robin and Brian tried to hang with the homies but it became very clear they are just PWG's
by NOPWG August 10, 2018
A Yorkshire slang term meaning Proper well good
by Poolord68 December 9, 2018