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"Plastic shells of death", aka ski boots. Refers to the clumsiness and difficulty of walking, putting on, and removing your boots on the ski hill.
Skier: "One sec bro. Need to put on my PSODs."
Boarder: "Yo wha'?"
Skier: " Plastic shells of death. Y'know. My boots."
boarder: "cool breh."
by Powzerker November 28, 2010
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Pink Screen of Death. When you get this:

"Warning! Your account could be disabled.

You are using this feature to spam other users. Continued misuse of Facebook's features will result in your account being disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here."
Dude, you gotta skype me. I can't Facebook PM at the mo. Got the PSoD.
by Roy Abraham February 28, 2008
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One of the most complicated way to make a computer program. The developer keeps arguing that psod is an effective 'language' but it really isn't a language because he stole it from some others.

It's widely accepted that people who use any computer language fluently don't need to use psod. But the developer says everyone needs it, anyways.
You are using PSOD? Who are you?

I threw my computer out the window because PSOD kept crashing on me.

Who made PSOD?
by April 21, 2004
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