Police baton, 24-inches long and rumored to stand for "Public Relations". Manufactured by Monadnock, this effective device made of a polycarbonate resin was made famous when Rodney King got his ass beat by several LAPD officers following a dangerous chase.
"Damn, yo, that fuckin' pig jabbed me in the muthafuckin' chest and shit with that PR-24..."
by 357SIG April 3, 2003
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The 24" PRosecutor batton,as christened by Lon Anderssen,is a police weapon for self-defence & crowd-control.It is a modification of the Okinawan "Kobudo" weapon :TONFA.
It can be made from syntetic polycabonate resin or wood. The former being prefered to the latter for environmental conservation reasons and minimum force law: that wood's degree of freedom would not allow.
by Adedayo Ogunnaike February 18, 2004
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