A gun used by the Russians for when they ripped the Nazis in half.
Dimitri use your PPSH-41 to kill that hitch Nazis
by Reggiewarrenjr@12combo.com November 21, 2017
Designedby Gerogy Spaghin the PPSh-41 is the world's best Sub-Machine Gun chambered in 7.62x25 tokarev.

This gun fires at a sputtery rate of fire of 1000-1300 Rounds a minute, has very little recoil, and 250-300 meter max range depending on witch ammo type you use.

The simple design of the weapon offers a built-in muzzle break that directs gasses outward and up to push the recoil downward.

It is very easy to hit targets up to 150 meters with this weapon due to its heavy weight wooden stock providing great aiming stability and it's very simple muzzle break designed to handle heavy recoil.

It is a open bolt gun that functions flawlessly as long as you use the correct drum mags.

Only downside is that it weighs about 11lbs fully loaded and has compatibility issues with drums.

Watch the kalashinkov group video on gunbusters PPSh on youtube.
Spin the mystery box for 950 points to get the PPSh-41
by A Frog armed with PPSh-41 October 1, 2020