You whisk up some eggs, have her lay down and prop up her ass real high,
take a funnel and pour the eggs in her pussy, then fuck her, and you have just made her "scrambled eggs" aka PORTUGUESE BREAKFAST
Honey would you like breakfast? Today's special is Portuguese Breakfast
by scott August 14, 2005
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PLS I'M PORTUGUESE AND I DON'T EAT PUSSY IN THE MORNING GOD DAMN! i eat cereal ,pastry , maybe a toast or Portuguese sweets like pastel-de-nata... Anything except pussy eggs 😭
I ate a Portuguese breakfast !
-a what?
Basically a (insert Portuguese pastry)
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When a woman gives a man head in the morning after a night of sex.
We went at it all night and in the morning she wanted more so I served up a little portuguese breakfast.
by kevin mcshane December 14, 2005
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A portuguese breakfast is when a woman stands on her head so she is upside down and then spreads her legs apart so that her vagina is open. A man then takes a fresh ostrich egg and cracks it open, pouring the contents into the womans vagina. The man then has sex with the woman while she remains in this position. Once finished the woman squats over a frying pan and releases the contents into the pan. Cook just like scrambled eggs and voila, a portuguese breakfast.
Nothing satisfied paul more than waking up and helping his mother to prepare a nice portuguese breakfast after a night of drinking.
by lilas February 08, 2007
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The purged contents of a vagina the morning after a night of sexual escapades. May contain ejaculate, creams, condoms and in especially extreme cases, vegetables, bits of grass, beads, string, dog hair and / or vomit.
Hal unexpectedly got a Portuguese Breakfast when he was giving Tracy a morning licking and she sneezed. He did not know that the night before, Guido had attempted a tongue lashing, but failed when he threw up. (Hals Portuguese Breakfast contained vomited rice tacos and salsa.)
by Nick D. Danger February 09, 2010
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Can be used in both gay and straight sex. Beat two eggs in a bowl, mix in cheese and anything u would like. Now while haveing anal sex, pour the egg mixture into the anus and continue fucking untill u blow u load inside. Now let all of the stuff drip out into a bowl, mix, cook and eat.
John just gave Bobak a portuguese breakfast while Kevin don watched. Then kevin brown ate and enjoyed the omlet
by omfg1337 October 14, 2006
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