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Cut of pig meat. The "butt" is actually the shoulder.

Generally used in latin cultures (Mexican - carnitas, Puertorican - pernil). But also the cut used in pulled pork and general roasts.

Never heard it used to describe a person. Maybe porker is a better substitute.
Lets get a few pork butts to make dinner tonight.
by tiburon July 29, 2005
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a VERY large person (male or female, young or old).
After eating at the 24 hour buffet, Sally realised that she is indeed a true pork butt.
by pattycakes July 11, 2005
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A tasty breakfast meat thats more commonly known as Taylor Ham. It comes in a roll similar to salami, and is eaten in slices. Great in omelets or egg sandwhiches

;A girl with a big fat butt that jiggles as she walks. It has gone way past the point of attractiveness.
"Mom, wheres the pork butt? Im freakin starvin"

"Watch out, pork butt at 12 o'clock"
by Jimbojoy December 16, 2009
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