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Ex-Psychotic Man Slayers, Currently Pandora's Mighty Soldiers. PMS is the biggest and most widely known all female gaming clan. Founded by Amber and Amy Dalton aka Athena/Valkyrie and Athena Twin. The girls attend Events like E3, Tournaments and Competitions like MLG and other Game related things. The women and young ladies of PMS represent talent, integrity, knowledge, maturity and the ability to own a guy who talks trash without saying a word. The girls range from 13 to 51 and it only proves no matter how old you are, you can still kick butt in halo. PMS has a many supporters including their boys in their counterpart clan H2o. These men are boyfriends, husbands, sons, good friends and/or supporters of these strong women.

PMS is like a haven for girl gamers to join with one another and have fun while kicking a few butts in the process.

You will mainly see PMS ladies on Xbox Liveβ„’ but they are on other consoles such as PS3 and PC. Look out for the name, and be warned, just because they're girls, it doesn't mean they can't kick your butt. And they surely can!
"OMG It's the PMS clan, We're going to get pwned."

"That chick has pms in her tag!" (Friend Request pops up.)

"Hey look they're all girls! Yeah it's that PMS clan, we're so going to win!" (Match ends, Trashtalkers lose by 40 kills) ".........(silence)....."

"PMS is life, love and friendship"
by FashionVirtuosa January 30, 2008
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The number 1 women online gaming clan......mostly known as Pandora's Might soliders....PMS clan is the largest womens gamingclan, can beat any male at "it's" own game....PMS Clan mostly Plays PS2 live, XBOX live, PC
That PMS Clan kick our ass.
PMS Chicks are hott.
by LAdyoassassing65 April 29, 2006
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PMS Clan (Psychotic Man Slayers renamed Pandora's Might Soldiers) is a clan that started as a small group of female gamers that decided to get together and show the boys up in games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Unreal Championship.

When PMS first started they were very close knit, but by the time Halo 2 surfaced the girls had started to care less and less about friendship and video games and more and more about the fame and recognition associated with their name.
Example 1 (2002): Hey, I'm a Psychotic Man Slayer! Me and my girls are really good friends. Yay PMS CLAN!

Example 2 (2005): Hey, I'm one of Pandora's Might Soldiers. Look at me, I'm pretty and I'm a gamer girl!! *giggle giggle* I'm only in the PMS Clan because boys cyber with me!
by Jassie8579 May 23, 2009
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