When playing the online game 'Drawception' (a meme creating drawing game) this acronym will be used when others want you to all draw the same thing. It stands for 'Pass It On' and you will use it in your drawing so that others know to 'pass it on'
"Draw your best skyscraper, PIO"
-You then would draw the skyscraper and write 'draw your best skyscraper PIO' in your drawing so that others know it's a PIO-
by Amb-bitch-er October 9, 2017
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The Political Integration Office is a chad Military division of the Immortal Robloxian Federation, with chad leaders and HC. The PIO is also known as the Political Integration Office, Political Interrogation Office or Pee i Oh.
I passed the PIO candidacy, the PIO is truly the best division and I hope to join Internal Education and leave PI.
by Chad PIO member February 12, 2022
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One of the cutest boys you'll ever meet who is too smart for his own good.
A Pio is Someone who is super kind to anyone who he meets
by Lily233 December 18, 2016
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to "play it off"; used to describe instances where someone messes up or makes an ass of themselves and needs some sort of recovery, immediately.
boy: haha, that girl just fell in the dirt!
girl: she needs to pio.

boy: ouch! i just hit my head in the door and everyone saw. i'm a fucking moron!
girl: no worries, pio. it could have happened to anyone.
by Vel J February 7, 2009
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A godlike human that’s very immortal.
You’re like a Pio.
by Zeus the Noob November 23, 2019
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Commonly in San Diego. A guy who has mad swagg and pulls girls all day. Someone who also has fresh fits
Woah bro! I thnk hes pullin a Pio!"
by LIl Mack daddy October 20, 2010
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Slang term for the University of Minnesota's Pioneer Hall in the Superblock. Giving T-hall (Territorial) a run for it's money for being the "Party Dorm."
The guys in Pio third floor North are a bunch of Bro's.
by GoldykillsBucky December 10, 2010
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