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A variation on the geekly acronym PICNIC, PIGNIC is an acronym for "Problem In Genes, Not In Computer."

PIGNIC describes a situation where an offending family member uses technology, typically online social platforms, to spread gossip or other unpleasantries, while the victim of the gossip blames the technology instead of the offender.
Adam: I just found out my cousin has been airing out dirty laundry all over our relative's face books! I HATE Facebook!!

Bob: That's a PIGNIC problem. Stop talking to your cousin.
by CleffedUp August 10, 2009
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When a cop or cops park in the middle of parking lots at a 45 degree angle to eat their lunch.
Oh look at that cop over there! He's having a pignic!
by Snugglesloth13 January 10, 2017
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Pignic is the action of hanging naked upside down, whilst Cheryl Cole feeds you sandwiches.
When Cheryl pulls on the person hanging's tail, they have to squeel, like a pig.
Michael was hanging naked upside down, Cheryl entered the room with a plate of Branston Pickle sandwiches... suddenly Cheryl pulls Michael's tail... he let's out a large squeel! PIGNIC!
by Cheryl_Cole October 15, 2009
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