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The PDFA or "Partnership for a Drug-Free America" is a neo-fascist propaganda organization who advocates the elimination of all illegal drug use, using retarded television ads which the U.S. government has repeatedly proven to be completely ineffective. It is well known for comparing all illegal drug users to terrorists through the retard-logic that since some terrorists make money by selling drugs (mainly opium and heroin), any illegal drug user is a proud sponsor of terrorism. By this logic, those who buy gasoline and diamonds should also be demonized and imprisoned, as these are also large sources of income for terrorists. Other ads of theirs make the same hilarious and flagrantly false claims as early 1920's reefer madness films, namely that marijuana will transform you into a murderer and/or rapist and/or teenage whore.

As their name implies, the PDFA support a historically unprecedented goal, the "drug-free society." This qualifies them as loonies. The fact that their ads have no effect whatsoever leads them to ask for more money to put out more of the same ads. This is known as insanity.

The PDFA, a part of the Church of Voodoo Pharmacology, is a subset of the philosophical movement douchebaggery.

In the tradition of bigotry, the PDFA for many years were obvious hypocrites, accepting large sums money from alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies (presumably in the interests of reducing the competition in the market for mind-altering substances).
PDFA (in complete seriousness): If you smoke a joint, you will by definition find a loaded, cocked gun in your desk and shoot the next person you see. Or, you will run over a small child while driving your car through a fast-food drive-thru and simultaneously smoking marijuana in broad daylight. Or, you will get AIDS.
Stoner: OMG man this shit is fucking hilarious! (*takes hits from the bong*) They should put this stuff on DVD!
by jazzriff October 12, 2005
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Public Display of Facebook Affection - When two people who have just start dating, comment on everything on each others profile that not only is gratuitous, but also annoying.
"Andrew had a great time tonight with Ashley!"
-Ashley: I had a great time tonight too!
-Andrew: You make me so happy.
-Ashley: I can't stop smiling because of you. :):)
-Katie: Stop with the PDFA or I'm going to vomit ... or hide you on my mini-feed.
by mrpinkerton March 06, 2010
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