Post Clarity Nut The process of a man being enlightened or cleansed of unholy thoughts after ejaculation.
I totally got pcn after sleeping with her.
by dc_cm November 14, 2017
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PCN is Short for "Post Culinary Narcolepsy"

A definition of when you fall asleep after eating a large meal..
"Ohh Guys I am Suffering from PCN"
by MRsneezy August 9, 2007
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Pussy Cunt Nigga

Phrase reserved for the worst of the worst, the meanest, cruelest, dumbest lame assholes.
That dude’s such a PCN.
Yea, he’s such an asshole.
by Americairo October 4, 2022
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Pussy Cunt Nigger

Three words to describe the worst of all people; people who are so lame, so rude, so dark, so bad
Fucking PCN
Yea that dudes an asshole
by Americairo October 1, 2022
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