What the fuck does that mean?
Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam?
by Kanpai August 2, 2004
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Awful and older instruction from a lazer printer reminding the user to add letter sized copy paper into the machine. Popularized by the movie Office Space.
The printer ran out of paper and blinked "PC Load Letter" at me, and I had no idea what it meant.
by cp October 5, 2003
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pc load letter: 1. to destroy or dismantle, usu. violently, a printer or copier of any type, generally in response to repeated errors that cannot be explained. 2. to beat up, verbally or physically, poss. as a result of repeated failures or errors in judgement.
1. Bill: This printer keeps giving me that "PAPER JAM" error. I've pulled the ink, opened it up and checked all the blue and green levers. What gives?
Bob: No sweat. If that mothertrucker doesn't fix itself in the next 5 minutes, I know a guy at the loading ramps out back that will go totally pc load letter on it, no questions asked, and then we can requisition a new one from supply.
Bill: Right Bob, that'll work. It'll only take about 10 months for them to get us a new one. Good idea. You fucking cheesedick. I always hated you.

2. Sally: Hey Vince, what happened to your eye? Looks like you've been fighting with dolphins over at Sea World. That, or did your new girlfriend not appreciate the true meaning of your new tatoo?
Vince: Ah, shut the hell up, Sally. She digs the tat. Everybody likes Iron Crosses. Their classic understated elegance can't be denied. No, Bill and Bob got into a scuffle yesterday over some bullshit with the HP printer, a guy from supply tried to help, and they both jumped him. When I tried to break it up, they executed a joint pc load letter on my face, then took me to the men's room and showed me things no man should ever be shown. Let us never speak of this again.
Sally: You know, Vince, when you started working here at the airport, I figured I'd give you the benefit of the doubt, despite your obvious lack of fashion sense. And yet you persist in telling me these lies. Bill and Bob would never attack anyone from supply. The entire department is run by a Filipino Mafia. You attack one, and they come out of the woodwork when you're alone, and show you what Manila is really all about. Now, go get your shinebox, my boots need polishing.
by Captain Oats, the horse March 15, 2005
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short for "Poop Cum load letter". When you are giving someone anal sex, and you have an orgasm. while you are cuming the female shits at the same time. also known as "paper jam" and "uneven flow".
"I was giving you're girl friend and anal. she had a PC load letter."
by jonny b. goodeeee May 31, 2008
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