The best team in initial unity.
Cringedex: "I hate PBNS."
Normal person: "You're just jealous because they're faster than you."
by MiniDzmj September 14, 2022
Jim layed the pipes on a broad last night, however, he knew he was PBNS!
by YNG PABLO December 2, 2020
When you want to call somebody a pussy bitch nigger but the insult is too long so you just call them a PBN cause it's fast and easy.
Jake: Haha you pussy bitch nigger
Adam: Woah bro I'm streaming right now don't say those words
Jake: PBN
Adam: Alright bro that's fine
by Gibbl3s November 10, 2018
Common shortening of PBnation.
PB stading for Paintball. Pbnation (pbn) is a website fourm for players to talk about events ranging from teams to trades.
Dude did you see that thread I posted on pbn last night?
by Whitestripes9805 October 25, 2007