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An unproved political theory that the "People Action Party" (PAP)—the only political party that has ruled Singapore since independence—uses lawsuits to silence critics, and favors detention without trial for those who promote racial or religious hatred.
Ex-PAP member and former presidential candidate, Dr. Tan, is appealing Singapore's High Court's dismissal of his legal challenge that the upcoming Presidential Election should be an affirmative election—however, his fears of being a victim of PAPism for "rejecting multiracism" are not unfounded.
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by MathPlus July 12, 2017
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1. A superstitious cult centered on the pope in Rome. The cult is noted for homophobia, bigotry, pedophilia, and intolerance. Sometimes called Roman Catholicism.
2. Any superstitious nonsense.
The minions of papism are famous for their love of child molestation.
by Father X May 11, 2006
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