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Pay for Pleasure.

The term probably has US origins, and is used in connection with prostitution, expecially in South East Asia. It covers all and any sexual services in return for money. This can be massages, escorts, soapies, the asia bar scene or GFE.
Q: What is the Bangkok P4P scene like?

A: Not as good as Pattaya.
by Rhoel October 03, 2006
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Points For Pageviews

A term coined on for the trade of an amount of points (deviantART currency) and/or actual money in return for augmentation of their profile pageviews using scripts or programs.

Sometimes this trade ranged from 100 pageviews to 1 million or more. Although the pageviews were artificial, there was no hacking involved, it was simply done using proxies.

Though dA no longer allows the sell of pageviews, the term P4P still refers to veteran P4P merchants on dA, some of which are:


A lot of these merchants actually gave the proceeds away to various deviants and groups, as was the main purpose for their services for most of them.
Those P4P on dA are capitalists.
by GeneralKoolaid July 25, 2011
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buy the domain for your cat site
Posh (for pikies)

A phrase to describe somewhere or something that a pikey would believe is posh but in actual fact is fairly average.
Laura: Shall we go somewhere nice to eat tonight?
Scott: Yeah, where?
Laura: Pizza Express?
Scott: I dunno, it's a bit p4p!

Amanda: Adi bought me some flowers the other day.
Carina: Oh yeah, that's nice.
Amanda: A bit p4p really, they came from a petrol station!
by scoper November 11, 2013
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P4P stands for "Pictures for proof". This is synonymous with the phrase "pics or it didn't happen". Typically used in reference to an incredible situation or someone on a chat channel claiming they have a new girlfriend.
me: I just saw Santa wearing a kilt on a unicycle playing the bagpipes!
friend: No way! P4P!
by slartibartfast42 December 21, 2010
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Peace is 4 Pussies (in situations with life threatening danger) in other situations peace might be the answer.
hippie: oh we should make peace with achmedinejad, he looks like a nice guy

*awesome guy comes and kicks the hippie in the nuts*

awesome guy: P4P that guy wants to nuke us. screw u dirty hippie.
by SCREW ROBBERS May 28, 2012
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