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(powerful cop punching overload....Daaaamn!)

when a person of ill repute, is caught by the cops right after smoking weed laced with pcp, and doesn't want to go back to jail, where he would presumable be raped; a rare instance of uncontrolable rage ensues as the subject starts fighting the police officers and anyone within a 2 mile radius. Sometimes called super hulk mutha fucka beating the shit out anything that moves, or if it's persons of different ethnicities: crazy ass chappelle looking nigga ripping the heads off of chickens, george lopez on crack or something roundhousing cops in the face, bruce lee jackie chan mother fucker with nothing to lose, judo chopping police cruisers in half, etc.
police: we were responding to a house call about illegal drugs being used in the vicinity of a high school, when we arrived at the place of residence, where we encountered a black male high on narcotics acting in an aggressive manner towards the first responders, we suspected that the subject might turn P.C.P.O.D when we were entering the place of residence. As we were leaving, one of the officers told the subject to keep his yard free of debris, and the subject proceeded to get enraged and attack our officers, sadly the subject killed 12 officers, and 18 civilians before a swat sniper put two rounds in his skull.

Reporter: we will play some of the audio recorded from the first responders cruiser.

officer: clean your fucking house you broke ass dave chappelle looking mutha fucka.

Perp: fuck it, ima fuck you up nigggggaaaaaa!!!,byaaah!!!!!

officer: oh shit run, ahhhhh ...zrp.....zzzzzzzaaah...zzz.....

Reporter: it cuts off there, it's a sad day in america when a nigga goes P.C.P.O.D, back to you bill.
by kipper big January 11, 2013
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