P and W stands for Piss and Walk. Commonly, when pissing in public you do not wish to draw suspicion by facing a wall for a minute. Or get left behind by the group. So instead, you piss while walking. Commonly needed in the city, especially after drinking.

-Should only be done at night.

-Male maneuver only.
Guy - "Yo why are you slowing down?"

Guy 2 - "i gotta piss"

Guy 1 - "we are on the sidewalk, don't!"

guy 2 - " P and W dude, just keep walking and don't turn around."

Guy 1 - "hahaha ok"

guy 3 - (trying to catch up with guy 1 & 2 from a few blocks back)

guy 3 - "ahh i found you dudes, i followed your piss on the floor right to you guys."
by Loyola Villanova April 30, 2010
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Slang for password. Used by lazeh people like moi.
I can haz da p/w 2 da sekrit 4uhm pl0x? kthanksbai.
by Lazeh person. (: June 2, 2009
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