1 - Verb - The act of staying up late at night, to "owl", "owling"

2 - Someone that lives the night life most of the time, an "owl"
1: guy1: what you doing up this late?
guy2: nothing just owling around, i can't fall asleep.

2:Brian seems like he sleeps all day and lives it up all night, ahh what an owl!
by infiernoboy1 July 31, 2011
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Oakville Woman (or Women) of Leisure. AKA, the rich, snobby, lazy and entitled women who tend to have annoying, privileged and often rude opinions about everything, residing in Oakville, Ontario (city in the GTA).
“Does Carrie’s mom even work? What does she do all day besides online shop and complain about how hard her life is?”
“She doesn’t need to work, her trust fund and husband’s Bay Street job pay for her career an OWL.”
by Unnamed Person in the GTA February 04, 2019
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a dumb bitch who dose stupid stuff and gets back with her ex
hey shes pretty
ew no shes a owle
by frenchtoasty23 June 06, 2020
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nickname for the greatest football team in south yorkshire. The nickname for Sheffield Wednesday football club.
Up the Owls!!

by gomezito April 08, 2009
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A bird of prey that hunts for small animals at night because of it's nocturnal behavior. Its main calls are Hoot, O RLY, YA RLY, and NO WAI. When spotted the best way to announce it's presence is "LOLS AN OWL".
Owl: "Hoot hoot"


Owl: "O RLY?"

Dude: "YA RLY"

Owl 2: "NO WAI!!"
by Staples September 03, 2006
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