Small Ontario city located on the shores of Georgian Bay, within the 'elephants ass' of the province (see map). Known to locales as the beer capital of Grey-Bruce county's, its populous of townie folk, older model cars, and several quite dirty, yet highly entertaining bars/clubs (eg. the Harb, Brothers, Jason's). Outsiders may be familar with the area due in part to the annual summerfolk festival, variety of fishing derby's, and ontario's largest outdoor christmas light's festival.

Also known as:
- O.S.
- The O-dot
- The Sound
- The Ass
- many others
by ajd August 29, 2004
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A small rural city of slightly less than 25,000 situated at Highways 6, 21 and 26 in Southwestern Ontario. A largely impoverished community with a large abundance of drugs, violence and unemployment, particularly concentrated in the Downtown/East Bayshore areas. Anyone with the means to do so has fled to one of several 'suburban' areas of the city including Rockcliffe, Clifton Park and West Lakeshore.
'I was looking at buying a home in Owen Sound.'
'Don't do that, their homes are ridiculously overpriced and their property taxes are through the roof.'
by bruceboy33 February 23, 2012
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A smaller community of 21,000 people located on the shores of Georgian Bay in Southern Ontario. Idenitifiable by it countless low-rise apartment buildings, run down city centre and Heritage Place mall. There is a large amount of poverty in the area, with a large concrentration of single parents, low income earners and public assistance recipients.
I need to find a job.

This is Owen Sound, good luck with that.
by Milton66 May 26, 2009
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1) When you fly in a plane over Owen Sound, Ontario and you get so excited you have an orgasm.

2) When you drive through Owen Sound and you get excited once you see the wal-mart and have an orgasm once you step inside the Swiss Chalet because of its hot girls that work there.

3) When you ride an Owen Sound public transit bus to KFC
Jimmy (On plane): OMG OMG ITS OWEN SOUND!!!!!!

Dave: Ease Jimmy, y'er gettin' an Owen Sound Gasm!!

Dave: Wha ya doin' Dorris?

Dorris: I'm havin an Owen Sound Gasm cuz Owen Sound ROX MA PANTS OFF!!!
by Bafedo March 04, 2009
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