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She is a good friend when you need her she's nice to specific people she stands up for you but never tells you about it when you need something from her e.g money and she doesn't have she makes a plan to get some she is very talkative, fun, thoughtful, caring, and loves to make fun of people at times she can be annoying but you still love her at the end and she loves to party she can be a bit fast at times but is really pretty when she talks to guys it seems as though she is flirting cause she is so interested in what they are saying and when she shows it, it seems as if she's flirting she is loyal when it comes to relationships even though not everyone may see it and when she has a boyfriend she seems to support them no matter what and is just the right amount of clingy and she tends to give the best kisses and if you don't get a kiss from her now then your missing out trust me you never wanna lose an Owami no matter what!!
She is so Owami
by Machine Gun Kelly R May 03, 2017
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A person who is very easy with men and claims to hate fake people when actually she is one.
she is such an owami
by yourstrulyanonymous July 23, 2015
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