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1. interj. A word originating as a typo of "whoa." An all-purpose interjection.
1. "Owah! I love this game!"

2. "Owah! You did NOT just say that!"

3. "I hit my head on the car, owah!"
by aniremi March 18, 2010
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the word owah is a very universal word and can be used as a adjective, noun, pronoun, pretty much every english rule is aided by the word owah

owah can be used to describe a positive, negative or neutral person, place, thing, or idea

On a happy owah, the a sound of owah is extended and said in a higher, and lounder pitch

On a conted owah, the word is said short and exactly how it looks

On a sad owah, the o sound is dragged and said in a lower pitch

As you see owah is a very universal word and can describe almost anything
"Dude that jacket is OWWAAHHHH!!!" (happy owah)

1."How did you like the movie?"
2."It was pretty owah" (contented owah)

"I heard your girlfriend dumped you."
"Yeah she did."
"Awe dude, thats pretty ooooowwwahhh"
by sahhk February 16, 2009
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term used to replace the word true as a statement in a conversation...usually preceeded or followed by the word "Swayd"
So we goin to the movies tonight then? OWAH!!

Person A: I got a new iPod

Person B: Owah...
by dmx2011 November 26, 2010
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