Is the combination of the Deepstate, Politicians, Big media, Big tech, and corporations like World Economic Forum who want to control every aspect of your life through laws, regulations and false narratives to force you into submission.
The Overstate wants me to own nothing and be happy
by ReallyNotPoso July 15, 2021
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Occurs when a car has exceeded it's limit of grip. The back end kicks out, resulting in either a powerslide or a complete spinout- depending on the driver. Oversteer is the basis for all drifting, and when harnessed can look amazing.
-Oversteer is deeply statifying when controlled- it is the ultimate show of car control!

-JC may be a better presenter, but Tiff Needel sure can powerslide!!

-The onset of snow often causes many people to experiment and experience oversteer, some intentionly, some, accidently.
by VG30DE January 13, 2008
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To overstate something is to express or state too strongly; exaggerate.
"I may have overstated my case to make my point"
"We cannot overstate how confident we are that our beliefs are accurate" (Sausage Party Cast - The Great Beyond)
by Almatique September 19, 2019
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