Overdoze: To accidentally kill one's self using sleeping tablets
E.g I hate it so much when you go home and overdoze, such as with heath ledger.
by james and heather January 23, 2008
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1. To nap for so long that one ends up feeling more tired than before he or she took the nap.

2. To nap for a longer period than one expected to.
1. Dang, I overdozed again. Now I'm freakin' exhausted. What a huge waste of time.

2. Person A: I overdozed yesterday.
Person B: You don't say.
Person A: Yeah, I missed that afternoon class.
Person B: Sucks.
Person A: See you later. I'm gonna take a short nap now.
Person B: Better not overdoze. We've got stuff to do later.
Person A: I'll try not to.
by Alexander A February 11, 2009
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Underground hip hop record label founded in the SFV, Ca by Doze Fredericks.
I wish I was signed to Overdoze Recordings. :(
by Varrr April 29, 2009
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