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Osterducing: The act of ripping of one's genitalia with the use of sharp-barbed tentacles which erupt from one's vagina in a myriad of numbers. Generally the osterducing occurs whenever an adolescent participates in tom foolery and shameful shenanigans. During the excruciating process, some have been known to reach sexual orgasm, blood and semine, among other fluids, dripping from their ripped nethers. Though the supreme court has not technically classified this action as rape, they have classified osterducing as assault and battery. The penalty for osterducing is 3 months in an asylum and 12 months of rehabilitation for the victim. The one who committed the osterducing is protected by the DIO act. (Diplomatic Immunity for Osterducers). Though protestors continually riot over this almost seemingly incredulous act, the supreme court judges refuse to re-examine this case. In an almost poetic sense of the word, they call osterducing a quiet form of vigilante justice to "Shameful Youngsters."

Some of the signs and systems of osterducing are:
1. Screaming while clutching their genitals.

2. Blood and semine dripping on the floor from the ceiling.
3. Frantic cries of: "This is not rape technically but it hurts like a Bitch!"
4. An adult individual with tentacles emerging from their nethers.
5. Suction cup marks on the victims body and or scrotum.

If you know anyone who has been osterduced or is currently being osterduced right now, please call this hotline:

Johnny went around egging elderly neighbor's houses and one of them osterduced him. He doesn't come out of his home or speak anymore. He only screams when someone mentions tentacle hentai.
by Goobypls November 05, 2012
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