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For blacks, omg was officially ruled for whites. whenever a black person would use "omg" they would instead use "osn" which means "Oh Shit nigga!".
White person example:
Guy 1: Hey did you do biology homework?
Guy 2: Omg i totally forgot about that.

Black people
Guy 1: Ay did you do biology?
Guy 2: Osn, i forgot all about that.
by DatNigga4rmOuterspace May 25, 2009
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"Oh shit nigga!"

A Black version of "OMG", which IS too white of a term to use for Blacks.

An acronym not meant to be used by anyone who isn't Black.
OSN! I lost my "Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker" DVD!
by Oh man. o3o September 18, 2009
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stands for "oh shit nigga!", supposed to be the new black term for omg (oh my god)
OSN, you heard about that dummie who give head?
by BaltimoreSunshinee. May 28, 2009
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Online Social Network

See, Perils and Possibilities of Online Social Networks

"Moreover, if it was posted publicly on an OSN site or blog..."
Facebook is an OSN
by anona. December 05, 2011
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