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to be taken advantaged of; to get punked; to get destroyed. to get humiliated or walked over by the opposite sex.
1. I went out to a bar last night and got Orth'd.
2. In high school I was Orth'd by the school bully.
3. My ex-wife Orth'd me, now I'm broke!
by James from OC May 12, 2008
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v. the act of having a girl or girls stolen from you by another man.
Unlucky dude: Hey ladies, let's have sex.
Ladies: well... i dont know.
Unlucky dude: c'mon
Ladies: uh... fine.
Stud: Ladies, don't fuck him fuck me.
Ladies: Ok!
Friend: Shit man, you just got Orth'd.
by Captain Hazard January 13, 2006
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