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The showman responsible for “Citizen Kane” (1941). His movies, interviews, and stories present an artist of enormous creativity and uncompromising personal vision. Though he was a child prodigy before becoming a theatrical/radio pioneer, he reached legendary status as a cinematic visionary. After “Kane,” he spent much of his life hustling the Hollywood system, fighting studio executives, being a glutton, travelling the world, appearing in commercials, narrating movies, acting, scrounging for money to direct low-budget works of cinematic brilliance, and leading a life that countless scholars, critics, directors, actors, students and movie lovers strive to fully grasp. Failing to do so, these individuals settle for the abundance of inspiration that one can draw from the enigma of Orson Welles.
Some of Orson Welles's finest movies are his lesser-known works: “The Trial” (1962), “Chimes at Midnight” (1965), and “F for Fake” (1974).
by beaucoupjosue January 27, 2009
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A great filmmaker who is often dubbed "The Greatest Japanese Filmmaker" by people who have never heard of Yasujiro Ozu. Directed approxamitely 32 films during his career that lasted from the early 1940s to his last film in 1993. His masterpieces include "Seven Samurai", "Rashomon", and "Ikiru", among many more. Highly influential to such American directors as George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and Steven Spielberg. His influence on international cinema is often taken for granted by modern viewers who have not the attention span to sit through a 3-hour movie without "realistic" violence and/or constant use of profanity.
Watch the film a second time before you make an idiot of yourself by calling Kurosawa's films "boring" or "stupid."
by beaucoupjosue May 1, 2005
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